Highland Corporate Park Cumberland, RI


The Second Revolution began in 1992. The Northern Rhode Island region developed a blueprint for the future that envisioned its rich heritage of manufacturing excellence enhanced by an influx of high quality, technology based, innovative companies. But a lot of areas try to attract the best, the brightest. There had to be a way for the region to differentiate itself from the rest of New England. That difference is manifest in the development quality of The Highland Corporate Parks. With 160 acres for development surrounded by over 100 acres of conservation land, The Highland Corporate Parks insulates your investment from encroachment while vitalizing your people with an abundance of clean air and natural surroundings. Utilities are for the most part underground. Sidewalks and architectural standard street lights foster a community feeling of well being. There's even a child care facility in the planning stages to complement the existing corporate sponsored Highland Park Children's Center. The idea of a quality development is further assured through design guidelines and construction standards. The project has been subdivided to accommodate facilities in the 20,000 to 60,000 square foot range, although options exist for the larger user. Likewise, plans are underway for a master planned industrial and office condominium complex to accommodate the smaller business with needs below 10,000 square feet. Each site is laid out to take full advantage of the existing topography of the land and the picturesque vistas over the Blackstone River Valley.

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