Highland Corporate Park Cumberland, RI



Successful companies, large and small, must make critical choices when determining who manages their business. But another decision making process with nearly as much impact on success is deciding who manages the business site. Developed through a creative partnership with the Woonsocket Redevelopment Authority and the Town of Cumberland, the Highland Corporate Parks are exlusively managed and marketed by the Blackstone Valley Development Foundation, Inc. and the Woonsocket Industrial Development Corporation. These two not for profit development corporations have joinedforces under the name of the Highland Corporate Park Venture and are led by distinguished directorships comprised of some of the region's brightest business leaders. Their astute judgement and steadfast resolve have resulted in the development of six successful industrial and office parks. Strong ties to the region's communities ansure a smooth, accelerated process when securing compliance with regulations and permitting. Strong ties throughout the northeast allow a keen understanding of the economic factors reverberating throughout New England, making this joint venture uniquely qualified in it's endeavors. Companies of every size and description have voiced praise and gratitude to the Blackstone Valley Development Foundation Inc. and the Woonsocket Industrial DevelopmentCorporation for their commitment to providing the atmosphere in which progressive, foward-thinking businesses can flourish. Highland Corporate Parks promise to be further evidence of a strong commitment to the future.

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