Statement of Qualifications

New England Economic Development Services, Inc. ("NEEDS") is a for-profit Rhode Island Corporation established in 1999 to provide real estate based, economic development advisory services to the public and not-for-profit sectors. NEEDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island ("EDFRI"). EDFRI is a not-for-profit Rhode Island corporation that has the mission to undertake quality designed, industrial and office developments in Rhode Island. The combined experience of NEEDS and EDFRI uniquely qualifies NEEDS to provide real estate development advisory services that are both responsive to local governmental issues as well as market realities.

Customer List:

  • Industrial Foundation of Burrillville
  • Burrillville Redevelopment Agency
  • Town of Burrillville
  • North Smithfield Industrial Development Commission
  • Town of Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • Town of Cumberland, Rhode Island
  • City of Woonsocket/Department of Planning & Development
  • City of Pawtucket/Pawtucket Business Development Corporation
  • Attleboro Redevelopment Agency
  • Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (subcontract to Crossman Engineering)
  • Warwick Station Redevelopment Agency (subcontract to Goody Clancy & Associates)
  • PRM Concrete
  • Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island
  • Industrial Foundation of Rhode Island
  • Town of Smithfield

Overview of Projects/Services:

Real Estate & Economic Development Advisory Services

Town of Burrillville
Assisted the Town Manager of Burrillville, RI in the planning, design and implementation of a 100 acre industrial park on Route 102 ("Commerce Park"). Services rendered included:

  • Negotiated Purchase & Sale Agreement with the property owner.
  • Advised the Town Manager in negotiating with a lead tenant for the new industrial park.
  • Developed a "Request for Proposals" for professional engineering and design services for the subdivision, utility and road engineering, and environmental "due-diligence" for the proposed industrial park.
  • Negotiated Purchase & Sales Agreement with first tenant.
  • Currently assisting the Town in the development of an RFP for management services relative to the marketing, build-out and management of the development. Prepared development and designed covenants to guide the build-out of the park.

Facilitated a planning charette for the Town's various boards and commissions. The purpose of the charette was to develop a vision for the Town along with various goals and strategies.

Burrillville Redevelopment Agency
Currently assisting the Redevelopment Agency in the identification and establishment of two redevelopment districts. Services rendered included:

  • Advised the Redevelopment Agency on a myriad of issues including (1) process for identification and selection of redevelopment districts, and (2) masterplanning and project development issues.
  • Coordinated and authored a redevelopment plan for the Stillwater Mill Redevelopment District.
  • Prepared a "scope of services" and "request for proposals" for the Downtown Pascoag Redevelopment Plan.

Industrial Foundation of Burrillville
Assisted the Industrial Foundation of Burrillville in the marketing and development of the Burrillville Industrial Park on Route 100. Activities included assisting the Foundation in the design, construction and marketing of three speculative industrial buildings.

Attleboro Redevelopment Agency
Developed a marketing strategy for the Attleboro Redevelopment Agency for a proposed 100 acre corporate park adjacent to Interstate 95. Marketing strategy addressed the issues of:

  • Identification of target markets.
  • Analysis of supply and demand market parameters including formulation of land pricing strategy and absorption schedule.
  • Development of project pro-forma and project capital structure.
  • Formulation of strategies to enhance the Agency's organizational capacity to undertake the proposed project.

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation
As a sub-consultant to Crossman Engineering, Inc., developed a market study for the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's proposed industrial park in Johnston, Rhode Island. Also assisted Crossman Engineering, Inc. in the design of the proposed industrial park including the drafting of protective covenants and design regulations to guide development in the new industrial park.

Industrial Foundation of Rhode Island
Assisted this not-for-profit to identify new commercial and industrial real estate development projects in Rhode Island. Coordinated feasibility stage for 20 acre site. Negotiated commitment by municipal water authority to provide water to site.

Warwick Station Redevelopment Agency
As a sub-consultant to Goody, Clancy & Associates of Boston, developed a market and fiscal impact study for the Warwick Station Redevelopment District.

Town of North Smithfield
Assisted the North Smithfield Industrial Development Commission in developing a town-wide, industrial site inventory and a subsequent update of this inventory using outside consultants. Authored a preliminary study identifying all potential sites in the Town for the development of an industrial park. Also assisted the Town in the management of their small business revolving loan program.

Authored a market study for commercial use in conjunction with Planning Board review of the proposed redevelopment of the Slatersville Mill site.

Redrafted the Town's Economic Development Section of its Comprehensive Plan.

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission
Developing a comprehensive inventory of mill buildings in the Corridor for inclusion in NEEDS' electronic land and building inventory system.

Towns of Cumberland and Lincoln
Working in cooperation with Crossman Engineering, assisted in the preparation of a masterplan for the Ashton-Pratt Corridor. Assisted in all aspects of the study with particular responsibility for the Economic Development Analysis and Implementation Strategy elements.

Town of Lincoln
On behalf of the Town Administrator, prepared a draft omnibus, tax stabilization program to facilitate the expansion and rehabilitation of industrial and commercial properties in the town. Program was approved by the Lincoln Town Council at its annual meeting in April, 2003.

As a sub-consultant to Pare Engineering Corporation, prepared a redevelopment plan for the Lonsdale Bleachery Mill Complex. Was specifically responsible for developing the management strategy, fiscal analysis and capital structure for the redevelopment project.

Town of Cumberland
Authored a fiscal impact study of the proposed Riverview Quarry Closure Plan comparing the fiscal impacts of the proposed mixed-use development with the site's development for industrial uses.

Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island
Provided and overview of the development options and market value for a parcel of land owned by the hospital.

PRM Concrete
Working in cooperation with Gates Leighton & Associates, assisted the client in identifying reuse options and development capacity for a 12 acre parcel of industrial zoned land.

Real Estate & Economic Development Data Management Services

Rhode Island Enterprise Zone Management Program
NEEDS manages the Rhode Island Enterprise Zone Program on behalf of the City of Pawtucket, City of Woonsocket, Town of Lincoln and Town of Cumberland.

Rhode Island Land & Building Inventory System
NEEDS has developed and currently maintains an electronic land and building inventory system for the Northern Rhode Island region. The City of Pawtucket, Town of North Smithfield, Town of Cumberland, City of Woonsocket and the Town of Burrillville are currently, or have previously, contracted with NEEDS to access this inventory to service their business prospects. NEEDS has redesigned this inventory system as an internet based application. Currently expanding the Inventory System into the city of Providence and the City of Warwick.


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